Federal fraud cases are charged in a variety of ways. Rick Coad is an experienced defense lawyer for people charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, social security fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud, loan fraud and many other federal fraud crimes. Defending these cases requires a lawyer who understands how to deconstruct the federal government’s investigation, which often times includes large volumes of reports and records, and find a way to get the best possible result.

Case Results

Federal Court – Western District of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (2016)

Attorney Coad represented a client charged with the embezzlement of money from the bank at which she was employee.  The case was further complicated by the fact that the client was a local government clerk, which was a customer at the bank.  Attorney Coad negotiated a plea to bank theft, which lowered the potential punishment.  However, the United States Sentencing Guidelines still called for a potential term of imprisonment.  At a contested sentencing hearing, Attorney Coad successfully argued for a term of probation. Coad has a proven track record of getting his clients their best possible outcomes in federal fraud, money laundering and embezzlement cases. Call for a consultation.

Federal Court – Western District of Wisconsin (2012)

The client, a car and farm implement dealer, was charged with bank fraud for misleading the bank as to the status of the dealership’s inventory during the great recession when cars simply were not selling. The United States Sentencing Guidelines called for a prison sentence. The district court agreed with the defense that prison time would not serve the purposes of sentencing and sentenced the client to a day in custody deemed served, followed by a term of supervision.


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