A Healthy Respect for Federal Charges

• February 1, 2022
Gavel and justice scale

There is a fine line between fearing something and having a healthy respect for something. While fear can lead us to make irrational decisions in the spur of the moment, a healthy respect can lead us to make prudent decisions about the best way to approach a person, thing or situation.

It is important to have a healthy respect for federal authorities when it comes to federal laws. Federal prosecutors have immense resources at their disposal and those resources increase their ability to obtain convictions.

What does this mean for you? First, it means you should have a healthy respect for what federal agencies and prosecutors are capable of when investigating crimes and pursuing criminal charges. You should also have a healthy respect for the severity of criminal penalties at the federal level, often resulting from mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

The most prudent decision you can make when accused of or charged with a federal offense is to seek the advice of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. Federal court is very different from state court. It is crucial to be represented by an attorney who knows federal law, federal prosecutors, and knows how to navigate federal court.

Remember: if federal investigators knock on your door or you have reason to believe you are under investigation, don’t panic. Instead, have a healthy respect for their capabilities and act accordingly by first, refusing to answer any questions without the advice of a lawyer, and second, hiring a proven federal defense lawyer.