Domestic Battery / Domestic Disorderly Conduct

In Wisconsin, a person commits the crime of domestic violence by committing battery, inflicting pain or fear, or sexually assaulting a person in his or her family or household.

Domestic violence involves a battery against a domestic partner, which includes a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.  Often times, a person may also be charged with domestic disorderly conduct when there is no clear evidence of physical contact.  These cases are often nuanced, carry other consequences, such as the prohibition of the possession of firearms. With the help of a skilled attorney, it is possible to get domestic abuse charges reduced or dismissed. Rick Coad is an experienced domestic violence lawyer located in Madison, Wisconsin.  Call him today for a consultation.

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Case Results

Dane County – Domestic Battery; Domestic Disorderly Conduct

The client was charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of disorderly conduct.  The case involved very difficult facts, including injuries and threats of future violence.  Through careful representation, Attorney Coad negotiated a settlement that dismissed all criminal offenses in favor of a non-criminal disorderly conduct ticket.  To achieve a good result such as this requires an experienced attorney like Mr. Coad, who understands how to investigate a case and address the concerns of a prosecutor and court.


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